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We spend countless hours training to get the job done right. Dr. CarFix intends to keep your car running like new.

We repair vehicles based on manufacturer recommendations. What this means is we offer original equipment first. We also, provide you with an aftermarket brand. This allows you to make the most informed decision for your vehicle.



Mechanical failures are often a issue of vehicle neglect. It is strongly recommended that you keep up with routine maintenance to avoid any costly service repair bills. Stopping in for a check up regularly will save you from any concerns.



Electrical failures are hard to predict, difficult to trace, and can be expenses. We find is difficult to  estimate considering we never know how long it will take to find the issue. However, more often than not the issue is resolved fairly quickly. Studying the wiring diagram before tracing the problem cuts down on frivolous searches and time.



Like mechanical failures if you neglect your routine maintenance you could set yourself up for a costly repair bill. Engine performance we can keep you vehicle running like new. Over time rubber and plastic fail causing vacuum leaks and/or water leaks. Its normal considering the heat a engine generates.



This is one repair that can not be ignored. Suspension repair is just as important as oil changes or brakes. Bad suspension can affect your ability to maintain control of your vehicle. Over time shocks and/or struts fail.. Common failures of suspension system are; Car rides rough, loud roaring noise while driving down the road, drifting or pulling, dips or nose dives during breaking, uneven tire wear, etc...



We lubricate all moving parts, reface rotors and/or replace, add brake fluid and bleed the system as needed. Common brake failures; metal scratching, metal digging or grinding, seized caliper, brake line damage, etc...

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